Everything you lose is not a loss

I finally did it y’all! I put in my two week notice for that job I dreaded. It caused me so much stress and worry but I stayed for the paycheck. I made a decent salary and was afraid of giving up my comfortable life. Then I realized living to work isn’t comfortable at all. My off work time was even consumed with thinking about work. I decided no amount of money was worth my mental health and peace of mind. As we all know, stress will literally kill you. 

I had to recondition my mind  to stopping thinking of all that I’d be giving up by leaving. Money comes and goes but you only have one life to live. Put yourself first!

Truth is, some things we cling to for comfort are better gone. Instead of being down about what is gone, be grateful for what you’re gaining. Take the lessons learned and move on.

I’m not completely sure what’s to come or what my next move will be. I just know this is the start of something great. 

Cheers! 🥂


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